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KDE 4.0 available for Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10

The long awaited KDE 4.0 is finally available! But as it is a dotzero release you should not expect a well working, well integrated and bug free desktop environment. If you cannot wait until the upcoming KDE 4.0.1 release which should follow in a couple of weeks you can test many KDE 4.0 applications in a KDE 3.5.x environment on a Kubuntu system. First you should ensure that you have included all apt-get package sources in your /etc/apt/sources.list. My sources.list looks as followed:

deb gutsy main multiverse restricted universe
deb gutsy-backports main multiverse restricted universe
deb gutsy-proposed main multiverse restricted universe
deb gutsy-security main multiverse restricted universe
deb gutsy-updates main multiverse restricted universe

Optionally you should remove any previous KDE 3.9 alpha packages from your system as kde4base and other kde4* packages which might interfere with the final release.

Now you should be able to install KDE 4.0 versions of application which are already installed on your KDE 3.5.x system without destroying the configuration settings as the configuration settings of KDE 4.0 are stored in a separate folder (~/.kde4).

apt-get install konqueror-kde4 konqueror-nsplugins-kde4 okular-extra-backends-kde4 okular-kde4

should install the KDE 4.0 versions of Okular (the new universal PDF/PS/DVI viewer in KDE 4.0) and Konqueror. Afterwards you should be able to start the applications with "konqueror-kde4" resp. "okular-kde4" via the "Run Command" dialog window. Both applications look very pretty, are relatively bug-free and have even a better responsiveness as their KDE 3.5.x pendants which make them snappier.