Cultural analogies: "Nashi" ("Ours") vs. "Du bist Deutschland!" ("You are Germany!") -- two political motivated national initiatives

During my recent study of the Russian political landscape I become acquainted with "Nashi" (Наши) a youth movement supported by the leading Russian party "United Russia" (Единая Россия). This movement supports the economical successful policy of president Putin and fight against xenophobic structures which recently became widespread in Russia. Furthermore Nashi deal with the Russian demography problem by encouraging young couples to get children. The Nashi movement is supported by a great majority of Russians.

Nashi celebrate multiculturalism; in fact Russia is a multiethnic country:


In Germany there is a similar national campaign to Nashi called "Du bist Deutschland!" which is supposed to be a population-wide movement and is not necessarily a youth only movement. Nevertheless the notion "movement" might be the wrong term in this case because -- despite of the massive marketing campaigns on TV etc. -- many Germans do not really approve this campaign which was initiated by the German government. However the demands of this campaign are quite the same as those of the Nashi movement: More children, optimism, and being proactive. All these is supposed to fire-up the recessive German economy:



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