Comment on 24C3 talk "Hacking ideologies, part 2: Open Source, a capitalist movement"

Ideologies, like other religion-like entities are not discussible. Therefore such talks should not point out the personal opinion but reflect the problems of certain ideologies -- in this case of the socialistic and capitalistic ideology. But you have not mentioned any particular problems. Being profit oriented is not a problem but an essential consequence of competitive economical systems. Being "evil" is not a problem but the subjective view on the consequence of being competitive. Also the economical growth must not be necessarily a problem. A problem I would like to be discussed is whether OSS is a product of a capitalistic economic system and whether OSS as it is known could be evolved in an economical system where every important program would be the property of the state -- but, only the closed source property of the state (and therefore everybody). The problem: The necessity of open public property in an economical system based on collective property.


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