Cosmos -- an open source operating system written in C#

After Singularity and SharpOS there is another project to build an OS in C#. Cosmos is an operating system that intended to be implemented in CIL compliant languages. Currently it is implemented exclusively in C#. The used IDE is Visual Studio 2008 which is -- without being ironic -- in fact the best IDE for C# resp. .NET development. An interview with Scott Balmos, the core developer of Cosmos, conveys a comprehensive overview about the Cosmos OS project.


  1. Thanks for mentioning SharpOS! The community hasn't caught very much notice of us (we don't have very many connections), so its nice to be recognized every now and then.

    Cosmos is definitely an interesting project, and despite being a SharpOS, (or maybe because of it), I will definitely be keeping my eye on it - though they have alot of growth to get through.


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