Rapid application development (RAD) related investigation aka "the best programming language" :)

Recently I have took a look on several development environments. Among them were MS Visual Studio 2008 (C#), KDevelop 3.5.0, Netbeans 6.0 and Eclipse. The main point of consideration was: Where can I achieve the most results with the least time investment which is basically the definition of RAD. Furthermore I have included also the following aspects choosing the best RAD development platform:

  • The development environment should be platform independent as much as the created. applications

  • It should be possible to start application development from scratch without big ceremonies of configuration and installation of additional software. There should be also integrated, easy to find and WORKING applications samples.

  • The development environment should be suitable for the development of versatile applications with an emphasis on GUI, database and web technology related applications -- basically the most common high level applications.

  • There should be a good documentation respectively development environment reference.

  • The development environment should make it possible to focus on the development of application and not wasting the time with its configuration.

My conclusion is that KDevelop in its current version in conjunction with Ruby resp. Ruby/Qt is the best choice available today. If you are focused only on Windows related development there should be nothing better than Visual Studio 2008 and C# (and not VB oder IronPython or IronRuby) even if there is also IronRuby which is available for the .NET platform BUT difficult to integrate in Visual Studio 2008.


  1. Anonymous1.7.08

    Kdevelop? You should look at Ebase
    www.ebasetech.com. Leagues ahead of anything else I've seen. App dev, workflow, middleware, all bundled into one platform.


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