Language Integrated Query (LINQ) how-to video series

Microsoft offers in its "How Do I" video series (Silverlight plug-in required) a number of application cases for the new LINQ library available since .NET 3.5. Basically the video series offers how-to video tutorials that deal with the following issues:
  1. How Do I: Get Started with LINQ?
  2. How Do I: Perform Group and Aggregate Queries?
  3. How Do I: LINQ over DataSets?
  4. How Do I: Get Started with LINQ to SQL?
  5. How Do I: Create a One-To-Many Form using LINQ to SQL?
  6. How Do I: Upgrade Visual Basic Projects to Enable LINQ?
  7. How Do I: Get Started with LINQ to XML?
  8. How Do I: Enable XML IntelliSense and Use XML Namespaces?
  9. How Do I: Create XML Documents from SQL Data?
  10. How Do I: Create Excel Spreadsheets using LINQ to XML?


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