Firefox switches to Qt4 framework and drops Gecko in favor of the WebKit rendering engine

Mozilla CEO John Lilly have finally unveiled Mozilla´s plans for the upcoming Firefox 4.0 development effort. John Lilly admitted that Mozilla have to get rid of old habits and to switch to Qt4 as the underlying GUI framework of the new Firefox release as well as to drop the Gecko rendering engine in favor of Apple´s WebKit rendering engine. Furthermore Lilly regret that this decision have not already been made one year ago. So Firefox 3.0 could already use this superior technology. Lilly pointed out that keeping Gecko alive until now was the "biggest mistake since U.S. Navy´s decision to install Windows NT on a warship which had to tow the crippled ship back to port". Google´s choice to use WebKit for its mobile phone framework Android was primary driven by the fact that Gecko´s code base is in a completely unmaintainable state and -- Lilly concluded -- "have more (memory) leaks than a rubber dinghy I have bought on Ebay for 1 USD".


  1. [citation needed]

  2. Anonymous6.8.08

    Is this your April Fool's joke or is there any substantial evidence for that?
    In fact what makes it really hard for me to shift to KDE4 is the lousy integration of Firefox :(
    Konqueror might be ok for geeks but lacks user-friendliness.

  3. Yes, it is/was an April Fool's joke :)

    To my mind not the user-friendliness lack of Konqueror but its compatibility issues with several sites are the key problem.

    I miss the suspend access and ACPI functionality. These are the missing features holding me back from switching to KDE 4.1.


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