Abstraction-layer-driven software evolution

Many technology enthusiasts think that with Chrome Google sound the bell for a new era of applications. In fact the popularity momentum of this bleeding edge technology using browser is just amazing. On the other hand many other tech enthusiasts think that this is just another hype nobody needs. One of these skeptics have wrote an article with three really nice models describing the difference between software of yesterday and the software of tomorrow.

Inspired by these impressive models, I have remembered an article, I wrote one year ago. This article described the evolution of software on the basis of LVM. Hereby LVM was characterized as just a further abstraction layer that offers capabilities to manage complex file system setups and which can -- in certain circumstances (but not necessarily!) -- simplify the management of complex data storage facilities: Such technologies enable to manage the progressive complexity which is a (positive correlating) predicate of evolution.

So the "Fuck" label on the last model indeed shows that also techies have emotions but is also quite imprecise! I would label the last model more precise: Evolution!


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