Audio/Volume control keyboard shortcuts in Xfce configuration

To control the volume settings in Xfce with keyboard shortcuts, you have to assign the following commands in the "Application Shortcuts" section of the "Keyboard" configuration menu to corresponding shortcuts:

amixer set Master 5+ : increase volume
amixer set Master 5- : decrease volume
amixer set Master toggle : mute/unmute volume switch


  1. had to use 'amixer set Master 2000+' instead of 5+, because the '2000' or '5' represents a number of units for the "Limit:" value reported by typing 'amixer' in terminal.

    my sound card allows for "Limit: 0 - 65000" so, 5+/- doesn't do much at all :P

    Thanks much!

  2. You both could use the «5%+» operator to increase the volume by a 5%.


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